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Terms I don't trust

11 November 2019 1:10 AM (discourse)

There are some terms that, because of their inherent polarity and vagueness, I don't find particularly worthwhile. I do not regard their use highly and consider them to be strong predictors of bad faith on the part of someone speaking.

  • I demand to be treated with the level of respect due to any person. You are tone policing.
  • I am reacting to difficult circumstances as anyone would. You are fragile.
  • I am expressing legitimate and valid concerns. You are concern trolling.
  • I am constructively critiquing what you said. You are a reply guy.
  • I, like anyone, have matters of great emotional import to me I expect others to consider. You are a special little snowflake.
  • I explain. You $THINGsplain.
  • I am upset by a legitimate grievance, but trying to remain charitable and calm. You are sealioning.

If it sounds like I'm contemptuous of frameworks that exist only to rudely dismiss people, it's because I am.

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  1. r says:

    Wholly agree with your point, someone who uses deliberately obfuscating, buzzword focused vocabulary is more likely than not searching for weak points to exploit rather than striving for an equal discourse. Unfortunately, a very widespread practice in some popular circles nowadays.

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